Five Things You Can Expect from Philadelphia’s Best Used Car Dealership

Buying a used car is an exciting process. There are so many different models that used car shoppers have a lot more options to choose from than people who are looking for a new car. Plus, the price point of a used car is often far more competitive than a new car. In terms of value, a used car offers consumers more bang for their buck, especially when you consider how fast new cars depreciate. Today’s used cars are generally about 5 to 7 years old, and modern engineering has extended the lifetime of these vehicles to the point where it is almost like you are buying a new car. That is how good used cars are today, but what can you expect from the best used car dealerships? Here are five things to look for in a used car dealership, and you shouldn’t accept less!

A Wide, Diverse Selection

Besides lower prices, the main advantage used car consumers have over new car consumers is the sheer amount of choice available to them. There are more used car models than there are new car models released in any given year. This gives used car shoppers a much wider field of possibilities to choose from. A wide variety of used car models is the first thing you should look for when going to a used car dealership. A big, diverse inventory signals that the dealership does a lot of business, and probably has exactly the model you are looking for. Don’t limit your options by shopping at a used car dealership that doesn’t have a big selection to choose from. Variety is what makes shopping for used cars so much fun!

Bad Credit Financing

Just because you have a bad or low credit score doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to get a great used car. Any used car dealership worth going to should not only have an in-house financing team, but they should also be willing to work with everyone, especially those with bad credit. A lot of people who choose to buy used cars are doing so because they can’t afford a new car or because they can’t get financing for a new car through a bank or credit union. Your used car dealership needs to be able to work with everyone, regardless of their credit. Their financing team should have established relationships with the local area’s lenders. They can work closely with your town’s banks and credit unions to find you the most competitive loan agreement possible.

Bad credit should not be the end of the road for people trying to buy a car. Financing options are important in the used car space. Look for dealerships who offer more than just the traditional financing model. Have you heard of buy here pay here? Buy here pay here financing was made specifically for people who can’t get loans through any other method. This method of financing cuts out the middle-man lender. The dealership itself becomes the lender and the seller of the used car. This won’t be offered at every used car dealership, but having financing options is a huge plus when trying to find a used car dealership to shop at.

A Pressure Free Sales Environment

Way too many used car dealerships feel uncomfortable because of the high-pressure to buy environment being put on by the sales staff. Every consumer deserves a pressure free environment when shopping. You are making a big choice about which used car is going to be your mode of transportation, and the last thing you need is pressure to buy. When shopping for a used car, pay attention to the way the sales staff makes you feel. Used car dealerships that put too much pressure on customers to buy cars do not spend enough time listening to their customers and learning what type of car they are looking for or need. The best used car dealerships don’t have to put pressure on you to buy a car. They work with you to find the model that fits your lifestyle, budget, and goals so that you can drive off the lot knowing you got the perfect used car.

Show me the CarFax

Confidence is a big deal when shopping for used cars. You don’t know where this car has been or if it has been in any accidents. That is why the CarFax report is so important when it comes to buying used cars. You need to know the car’s history so you can have the confidence to purchase it. If your used car dealership cannot produce the CarFax history report for the car you want to buy, you should seriously reconsider how much you want that car. There is no reason why your used car dealership can’t produce the CarFax report unless they want to hide something from you, and if something needs to be hidden about the car, then you don’t need to be buying it. Due to the nature of used cars transparency is super important. If your dealership can’t give you transparency, they clearly don’t care about your business.

Accepts Trades

Does your used car dealership take trade-ins? Will they buy your car even if you don’t buy one of theirs? Trade-ins are integral to the used car business. You should expect to be able to trade-in your current car when you are looking to buy a used car. If you find that you can’t trade-in your car, there are plenty of used car dealerships who will allow you to trade-in your car, and you should take your business elsewhere.
Fairless Motors has been serving the Philadelphia area for years! We are a family-owned and operated used car dealership that offers a superior level of service and attention to the big chain dealers. NONE of our sales staff work on commission. They don’t have to worry about making sales. All they have to worry about is making sure our customers get the highest level of service possible. We strive to be the best used car dealership in Philadelphia every day!