7 Myths About Buying a Car from a Used Car Dealer

Seven Myths About Buying a Car from a Used Car Dealer

Are you in the market for a used car? Many people who are shopping for a used car skip over their local used car dealer because they believe some commonly spread myths, even though they have been disproven. If you are in the market for a used car, don’t forget to stop by your local used car dealer, Fairless Motors, to take a look at our pre-owned inventory. These seven common myths are relics of the past or were never true to begin with, so make sure that they aren’t clouding your judgment!

Pricing is better from a private sale– when you are dealing with a private seller, you do not always get an accurate history of the car and if it has been involved in any accidents. Also, there is less recourse if you are unhappy with your purchase because it can be difficult to hold someone liable after a private sale. And most privately sold used cars are sold As-Is. In terms of price, everyone is able to access the pricing information from sources such as Kelley Blue Bookand Edmonds. Most cars are priced competitively no matter where you buy them.

Used car dealers don’t like to take trade-ins– this could not be further from the truth. While of course there will be some trade-ins that aren’t a good fit for the dealer, they will usually be more than happy to accept your trade-in! If you are looking to buy a new car and receive credit for your trade-in, a used car dealer will happily work with you to make that happen. You can expect especially good treatment if your car is in good shape and has low mileage.

Warranties aren’t available from a used car dealership– many used cars for sale may still be under the manufacturer’s warranty, which is then passed on to you as the new owner. Also, there are also a number of different situations where you can receive a warranty from the dealership. If you are interested in an extended warranty, there are many options available based on mileage and term length.

Used car dealers do not have quality certified pre-owned cars– certified used cars generally mean that the vehicle has been serviced, detailed, test-driven and, undergone a complete inspection to assure quality and dependability. Many used car dealerships have those services perform on all the vehicles they sell. Always ask for the car history and a certification of its present condition prior to purchase.

The selection is not as good from a used car dealer– used car dealers are constantly sourcing new inventory, whether it be through trade-ins or car auctions. They are bound to have a good selection of used cars to sell. Also if you inform the car dealership of a specific make and model you are looking for, they can search for one and tell you when the desired vehicle becomes available on the lot. Used car dealers are also more open to helping you find a car that is in your price range, no matter the type.

Affordable financing is not available from a used car dealer– there are many different ways to finance your car purchase; you can get a loan from your bank, credit union, or from help offered by the dealership. If you are in need of financing, your used car dealer can help you secure a loan that works within your budget. When financing assistance is offered by a used car dealer, it is typically handled in-house with minimal fuss and wait times. And those with credit issues can often get financing through used car dealerships. You will usually get a financing decision right away and drive home in your new car on the same day.

Used car dealers employ shady business practices– your local used car dealer has been saddled with a negative reputation for decades in spite of providing excellent and ethical service. If you have had a poor experience with a used car dealer in the past, it is important to remember that they are not all alike. It is always a good idea to check with the local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau, along with local review sites, before doing business with any new company.

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